Friday, 16 July 2010

Product strategy

Etude target group

-The main target group
Women, who get age about 18 to 28 years, especially are students.
-The inferior target group
Women, who get age about 29 to 40 years, especially are officers.

A pretty is the most important of Etude brand that our company will serve to consumers. Beside, Etude brand still have cheerfulness by pink tone. Moreover, a quality and quantity are appropriate with price. Consequently, our brand was received by many consumers in Korea and other countries in Asia zone include Thailand.

Brand value

Pretty, Quality, Color, Cheerful

Etude is established in Asia cosmetic markets and it is one of the leading in women's cosmetic. The Etude brand combines pretty, quality, color and cheerfulness. All of factors create brand value for Etude.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Why this brand?

In the present, a beauty is the important thing for every woman so, they surely grope everything that helps them to their ambition include cosmetic. Cosmetic is the most important thing that responds their requirement like Etude brand. Etude product lines expect every woman is a beautiful woman. Moreover, the brand has a good marketing and it is fast growth. So, it is the interesting brand that will flourish in Thailand.