Saturday, 31 July 2010

My reflection

For a special course
In the first time, I quit serious about this course and I feel despondent because the content and work studies are very difficult. Importantly, I don’t have business knowledge and skill about blogger that is the main issue of this course. Later, I relieve anxiety because I begin to study about blogger and business knowledge from Aj. Gob. Moreover, I extremely try to create my blog when I go to see my blog’s friends and I have many motivations to do this work study. I try to do my hard work for a long time and I can go to success in the end.

To my wonderful teacher
I feel very happy in her class especially various activities. Aj. Gob is a best teacher that understanding all students both better and medium. Although, her subject will be difficultly or not, many students surely still learn with her. Lastly, I will try to get the best score from her course and I would like to say thank you for many knowledge from her.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Promotion strategy

What makes the brand recognized?

Etude brand was received by many consumers in cosmetic market in Asia zone because it has a good quality product that makes every consumer please. Beside, Etude brand emphasize a beauty and pretty to Etude’s consumers by many perfect presenters so, they then use and consume it more and more. Lastly, it still has a suitable price that is the important thing in trade of cause, it pulls many consumers comes to consume it.

Friday, 16 July 2010

Product strategy

Etude target group

-The main target group
Women, who get age about 18 to 28 years, especially are students.
-The inferior target group
Women, who get age about 29 to 40 years, especially are officers.

A pretty is the most important of Etude brand that our company will serve to consumers. Beside, Etude brand still have cheerfulness by pink tone. Moreover, a quality and quantity are appropriate with price. Consequently, our brand was received by many consumers in Korea and other countries in Asia zone include Thailand.

Brand value

Pretty, Quality, Color, Cheerful

Etude is established in Asia cosmetic markets and it is one of the leading in women's cosmetic. The Etude brand combines pretty, quality, color and cheerfulness. All of factors create brand value for Etude.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


Why this brand?

In the present, a beauty is the important thing for every woman so, they surely grope everything that helps them to their ambition include cosmetic. Cosmetic is the most important thing that responds their requirement like Etude brand. Etude product lines expect every woman is a beautiful woman. Moreover, the brand has a good marketing and it is fast growth. So, it is the interesting brand that will flourish in Thailand.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Journal 6

This week was my happy time again because AJ.Gob gave me for the value knowledge of business field and she gave more suggestion about midterm exam to me. It is a very good thing for me because I will be success in near midterm exam. Moreover, she brought me to the amusement activity that very funny and there are many knowledge about the first time in business way. I thought I will use any knowledge that over in the reality. I believed everybody in this class was enjoying with all things in this class like me.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Letter of Invitation for Professional Comments

Dear, managers of all brands

Welcome to my product, I’m a manager of ETUDE Company Limited in Thailand; Brand products are expanding around Asia zone. Importantly, all colleagues in ETUDE’S NAME proud to serving and presenting our products to every consumer. We wish well our consumers come to good appearance and they are happy with us. On the other hand, my company will be growing up and expanding to the other regions as soon if every consumer pays attention to our products. Finally, my company would like to say “Thank you” to every consumers that is a loyalty.

Please feel free post your comment and suggestion for our improvement.

Yours sincerely,
Manager of ETUDE Brand

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Journal 5

I very love this week because it is very relax. The cause is not serious. AJ.Gob told us about impromptu interview that is excellence from me. She commented every job and advised something to do it well. Moreover, She gave a new work for us, a first behavior in business way. We must came back to present it on Thursday, July first. Everyone in my group strongly desires to present the new work as soon.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Journal 4

This week I learnt much knowledge about product such as function of product. I though it was interesting and I want to learnt it more. In the important point, I am very happy for this week because I received too much knowledge by the relax way. This activity very fun and made me well. I believed if the study had many activities to support, it will be easily to understand. For this activity, I am very proud because I am a woman field reporter that must pass a strong impromptu job interview.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

My Reflection about VictoriasSecret

What did I learn from the VictoriasSecretCom?

I think the strategy of Victoria’s Secret is the good example for other business. If I am the owner of some business, I will use Victoria’s Secret as the model. I very surprise about Victoria’s Secret. It can grow up at the fast time. It can reach to consumer in various ways that is the important point to success. I strongly believe every product will go to success by strong commerce. Now, I am a consumer I very like Victoria’s Secret when I see it. I think if I want to buy something, the advertising, the communication and the presentation are the important things that influence to my decision. I think the Victoria’s Secret has at all.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Etude Background

The Etude’s origin is the cosmetic that trendy, romantic, sweet, lovely and sparkling youth. It came from Korea under the princess’s private room in fairly tale concept. So, Etude houses decorated every shop by the sweet pink tone. They were agents that create women to the princess.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Journal 3

I started week three by my friend’s blog that are beautiful. I am enjoying with blogs. Moreover, I had much serious knowledge. AJ.Gob told me about many things that I must have in my blog such as composition, promotion, target and reflection. I quit understood about business more than before. Now, I though my work was very hard but I must do it well. I believed everything must pass by my intention. At the time, I very loved to make up a blog.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Journal 2

At the present, it was second week. I was very enjoyable in this course because AJ.Kob or Dr.Adcharawan Buripakdi gave a special activity to us. She gave the best question “What are in women bags?” I pretty like this question because it was interesting. My friends and I began this activity by fashion show firstly. It was very funny. After that we moved to next step that was, we searched many things in our bags and everything that we wore. Then we separated things for managing the products into Brand Names group and Non Brand Names group and gave the reason why we bought it. I thought this activity was valuable because I got much knowledge from this case such as I knew when customers want to buy something they surely have at lease one reason for buying. For this week I wanted to know about business and trade knowledge deeply. I surely wanted to learn this course but my blog was haphazard as before.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Journal 1

Now, this was a first week of ENG-380 English for International Trade. I saw Dr. Adcharawan Buripakdi and my friends. I had thought this course was the new way for me. I studied this class with a puzzle. I thought it is exciting and there were many challenges. While I was interested this cause, I was very confused about that too. After that I knew about course syllabus and I had thought hardly because there was a blog project for 50% of course. It was a hard work and it is many points for me to be able to do it because I didn’t know "What’s blog?" and I never did it before. However, I still studied this course because I wanted to learn much new knowledge and improved myself. I had a hard working when I began to make up my own blog. It was very difficult for me. I tried to do it for a long time. I thought it was very challenge and I had to do it well.