Friday, 4 June 2010

Journal 2

At the present, it was second week. I was very enjoyable in this course because AJ.Kob or Dr.Adcharawan Buripakdi gave a special activity to us. She gave the best question “What are in women bags?” I pretty like this question because it was interesting. My friends and I began this activity by fashion show firstly. It was very funny. After that we moved to next step that was, we searched many things in our bags and everything that we wore. Then we separated things for managing the products into Brand Names group and Non Brand Names group and gave the reason why we bought it. I thought this activity was valuable because I got much knowledge from this case such as I knew when customers want to buy something they surely have at lease one reason for buying. For this week I wanted to know about business and trade knowledge deeply. I surely wanted to learn this course but my blog was haphazard as before.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Journal 1

Now, this was a first week of ENG-380 English for International Trade. I saw Dr. Adcharawan Buripakdi and my friends. I had thought this course was the new way for me. I studied this class with a puzzle. I thought it is exciting and there were many challenges. While I was interested this cause, I was very confused about that too. After that I knew about course syllabus and I had thought hardly because there was a blog project for 50% of course. It was a hard work and it is many points for me to be able to do it because I didn’t know "What’s blog?" and I never did it before. However, I still studied this course because I wanted to learn much new knowledge and improved myself. I had a hard working when I began to make up my own blog. It was very difficult for me. I tried to do it for a long time. I thought it was very challenge and I had to do it well.