Thursday, 17 June 2010

My Reflection about VictoriasSecret

What did I learn from the VictoriasSecretCom?

I think the strategy of Victoria’s Secret is the good example for other business. If I am the owner of some business, I will use Victoria’s Secret as the model. I very surprise about Victoria’s Secret. It can grow up at the fast time. It can reach to consumer in various ways that is the important point to success. I strongly believe every product will go to success by strong commerce. Now, I am a consumer I very like Victoria’s Secret when I see it. I think if I want to buy something, the advertising, the communication and the presentation are the important things that influence to my decision. I think the Victoria’s Secret has at all.


  1. congratulations on your new job! NEWS REPORTER....let's celebrate.


  2. I feel happy to be coming into her beautiful website.