Saturday, 31 July 2010

My reflection

For a special course
In the first time, I quit serious about this course and I feel despondent because the content and work studies are very difficult. Importantly, I don’t have business knowledge and skill about blogger that is the main issue of this course. Later, I relieve anxiety because I begin to study about blogger and business knowledge from Aj. Gob. Moreover, I extremely try to create my blog when I go to see my blog’s friends and I have many motivations to do this work study. I try to do my hard work for a long time and I can go to success in the end.

To my wonderful teacher
I feel very happy in her class especially various activities. Aj. Gob is a best teacher that understanding all students both better and medium. Although, her subject will be difficultly or not, many students surely still learn with her. Lastly, I will try to get the best score from her course and I would like to say thank you for many knowledge from her.

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